Naruto Ultimate ninja 2 on Pc using Playstation 2 Emulator

Hi friends in this post i will play Naruto ultimate ninja heroes with a 64 mb graphic card so watch if you want to play ps2 games on pc

Just watch the video and you will see it works

Download Ps2 Game

As in last Post i told you how to download Ps2 emulator.Today i will tell you all how to download ps2 games fro free no torrent.
just visit Nitro Roms and Search for Playstation 2 Games and download which ever games you want.
There are many other sites where you can get your games for free
they are


How to download Ps2 Emulator

Hi friends today I will tell you how to play Play Station 2 games on your PC the Last game I played with Ps2 Emulator is God Of War A.
Download :
Now how to download Ps2 Emulator its very simple just click on the link bellow
Download Emulator
now you have downloaded and installed the emulator now you need Bios File to run games on Ps2 emulators
get your latest Bios File from the link bellow
Download Bios

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